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CS Simulators
CS simulators are designed to meet a wide range of customer requirements, whether it is a full size classroom environment or a traveling course to the rig site. All CS simulators run the same software base model. Our smallest simulator performs the same training capabilities as the full-size simulators. All CS simulators are built with the single I/O electronic system, which provides less electronics and easy maintenance. CS simulators are IADC and IWCF certified.

CS Simulator Hardware and Software
Hardware and software services for all CS simulators.

Portable Simulator The Ultra-light portable simulator, from CS Simulators, runs the same sophisticated exercises as our full sized simulator, but represents the “state of the art” in portability. This compact unit allows high quality training in remote locations. CS simulators have proven to be the most reliable in the industry and are the only simulators that feature a multi-phase circulation model that realistically duplicates fluid and gas mixing and multi-phase flow through the choke!

Cyber Drilling Simulator

Cyber Drilling Simulator Standard Equipment
  • Drilling Chair
  • Drillers Console
  • Custom Arm Controls
  • Two Student Touch Screen Monitors
  • Instructor Station (Windows XP)
  • Overhead Projector
  • Single I/O Electronics System
  • I/O Test Software
  • Data Logger
Optional Equipment
  • Choke Console
  • Standpipe Manifold
  • Choke Manifold
  • BOP Touchscreen
  • Shipping Container

Full-Size Drilling, Production & Workover Simulator

Full-Size Drilling, Production & Workover Simulator Standard Equipment
  • Driller Console - Modern Design
  • Surface BOP Console - Touchscreen
  • Remote Choke Console
  • Choke Manifold w/Rev Circulation
  • Standpipe/Cementing Manifold
  • Single-Point I/O Electronics System
  • Student LCD Monitor
  • Choice of 47" or larger Color LCD TV or
  • LED / Laser Projector
  • Instructor Station (Windows® 7 Pro or higher)
  • Color Printer
  • Logging and Plotting Charts or Geolographs
  • License Software
  • IADC WellCAP and IWCF Compliant
  • Lifetime Technical Support - "We are here for YOU"
  • Advanced 3 Dimensional Graphics Realism for TopDrive
Optional Equipment
  • Subsea Console w/wo Diverter
  • Production Tree
  • Custom Manifold Configuration
  • Uninterrupted Power supply
  • Enhanced Sound System
  • Extended Spare Parts
  • Custom Equipment - "Give us your ideas"
  • Advanced Drilling Workstation
  • Steel Manifolds
General Training Capabilities
  • Crew Training
  • Drilling Practices and Drilling Operations
  • Offshore or Land Operations
  • Subsea and Deepwater WellControl
  • Workover
  • Production

Super Portable Drilling & Well Control Simulator

Super Portable Drilling & Well Control Simulator Standard Equipment
  • Drilles Console
  • Drawworks Console
  • Remote Choke Console
  • Surface/Subsea BOP Console
  • Production Tree (Model DPWS-22SP)
  • Workover Well Control with Tree-in-place and BOP-in-place (Model DPWS-22SP)
  • Notebook Computer
  • Separate Graphics display for the Student and Instructor
  • Packaged in two Transit cases for extensive travel
  • Surface BOP and Subsea BOP Software
  • Instructional Software
  • Plotting and Logging
  • Software Calibration
  • Single Point I/O Electronics System

Ultralight Simulator
The Ultralight Simulator is perfect for travel to remote locations and the rig site.

Ultralight Simulator Standard Equipment
  • Driller/Drawworks Console
  • Choke Console
  • Drilling Well Control, Surface and Subsea Workover WellControl, Tree or BOP
  • Surface Equipment via Interactive Graphics
  • Student Touchscreen monitor
  • Laptop Computer
  • Travel case
  • Single Point I/O Electronic System
  • Software Calibration
Optional Equipment
  • Larger size student touch monitor
  • Travel case (one large case or two small cases)

Underbalanced Simulator
Underbalanced operations will work with an existing Ultralight Simulator with minor modifications.

Underbalanced Simulator Standard Equipment
  • Driller/Drawworks Console
  • UBD Choke/Gas Injection Console
  • Electronic I/O
  • Laptop Computer (Windows XP)
  • Student Interactive Touch Screen Monitor
  • Surface Equipment via Interactive Graphics
  • Single Point I/O Electronic Software
  • Software Calibration
  • Travel Case

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