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Press Release

CS Inc. Simulator upgrade

Are you working with Windows XP?

CS Inc. is reaching out to you to explain some options that are available to you. As you may know, Microsoft is no longer supporting windows XP operating system. Some of our clients are still using this operating system and I am sure that the simulator is working just fine as it always has. Sooner or later you will need to upgrade your computer system to windows 10 operating system to keep your simulators in good working condition. Upgrading now rather than when your computer crashes is always better to be proactive rather than reactive. CS can plan a smooth transition with minimal down time to make sure your simulator is ready for use when you need it. The CS UltraLight simulator can be upgraded without any down time at all. CS can send the laptop computer and the student monitor to you and it will be a plug and play operation.

A software upgrade is also available as our software department is constantly adding more capabilities keeping up with new equipment and tools used in the oil and gas industry. The IADC and IWCF are also adding new simulator requirements. You might as well look into this upgrade while you are upgrading your computer system. Software upgrades are not very expensive compared to the competition. This is a 1 time charge without any license or maintenance fees.

Is your simulator electronics the old style that uses the multicolor ribbon cable?

Some CS customers are working with old style electronic circuit boards. I’m sure that these simulators are working just fine as they always have. The good aspect of this is that the CS simulators are very reliable. Unfortunately, electronic equipment does get out dated and needs to be upgraded just like everything else. The parts for the old-style electronic circuit boards are no longer available on the market. This has required CS to keep up with technology and upgrade to the latest electronics, still keeping the same reliability that we always have.


CS Inc. announces the new release of the DPWS-12UL-CT simulator. Coiled Tubing simulator. This simulator uses the same platform as the DPWS-12UL model. The simulator is equipped with an instructor laptop computer. 2 each 22-inch touch screen HMI (Human Machine Interface) monitors and 2 joysticks. 1 joystick for the driller and another joystick for the supervisor operating the remote choke. The simulator is packaged in a single rugged Pelican case for easy portability. Total weight of the simulator is approximately 50 lbs. or 23 Kg.

Below shows a picture of the coiled tubing rig of which the students will use the controls to preform many different coiled tubing operations. The driller can control the injector speed, Stripper Pressure adjust, Injector Chain Traction Pressure adjust, pump pressure, Drill out multiple plugs, fracking operations. Simulator failures are also incorporated into the program.

Multipurpose simulator platform

This simulator is developed with a multipurpose platform. CS can configure the computer with any combination of the simulator models DPWS-12UL.

DPWS-12UL Conventional drilling and well control

DPWS-12UL-MPD Managed Pressure Drilling

DPWS-12UL-CT Coiled tubing operation

1 simulator package with 1 simulator model or multiple models.


CS Inc. announces the new release of our latest developed simulator for use with Managed Pressure Drilling. This simulator uses the same platform as the DPWS-12UL model. The simulator is equipped with an instructor laptop computer. 2 each 22-inch touch screen HMI (Human Machine Interface) monitors and 2 joysticks. I joystick for the driller and another joystick for the supervisor operating the remote choke. The simulator is packaged in a single rugged Pelican case for easy portability. Total weight of the simulator is approximately 50 pounds or 23 Kg.

Below shows the manifold configuration of the MPS simulator. Located at the top right section of the monitor shows the MPD manifold used with Managed Pressure Drilling operations. The manifold is equipped with a back pressure pump to maintain over balance in the well when making and breaking connections. A Coriolis flow meter is installed to monitor change in flow through the manifold. An auto choke is also installed in the manifold configuration to maintain a desired ECD (Equivalent Circulating Density).

The conventional drilling and well control manifold is located to the bottom right section of the screen in the case of hydrocarbons overloading the mud/gas separator, the driller can switch over to conventional well control practices to kill the well.

Multiuse simulator platform

This simulator is developed as a multiuse platform. CS can combine the base model DPWS-12UL simulator and as an option to customers that also teach MPD operations, can be added as a second program to the computer system. Customers can teach conventional drilling and well control using the base model DPWS-12UL. And if the customer is teaching MPD operations, the instructor can select the MPD program that is also loaded on the same computer system.

1 simulator package equipped with 2 simulator models.




CS Inc. announces the release of the new addition to the CS simulator fleet called the CS DPWS-12UL (Drilling, Production and Work over simulator). Included in this simulator package is an instructor laptop computer, 2 each 22-inch touch screen HMI (Human Machine Interface) monitors and 2 joy sticks. The laptop computer is used by the instructor to launch the simulation exercise and control the scenarios at hand. The instructor can monitor all activity during the simulation and initiate faults within the scope of the well or the equipment used in drilling and well control instance’s.

The Driller uses a touch screen HMI to operate and interact with the rig equipment such as pumps, the lineup of the choke and stand pipe manifolds as well as the lineup of the BOP. The driller also has a joy stick used for pipe handling operations such as run in and out of the well, making and braking connections and setting slips. The Top drive rotary is also located on the driller’s joy stick.

The Supervisor uses an HMI to interact with the choke gauges and controls that are used on a Swaco choke. The supervisor also has a joy stick used to open and close the choke during well control scenarios. This simulator is packaged in 2 small light weight pelican cases durable for shipping and handling. Two mounting brackets are included for table top mounting of the joy sticks.

The same reliable multiphase CS downhole model is utilized as it is in all of CS simulators. 3D graphics are standard on this model. The simulator meets and exceeds requirements set by IADC and IWCF.

3D Graphics

CS Inc. now offers 3D graphics package installed on all Cyber Drilling and Full-size Well Control simulators as a standard package. CS has replaced the old 2 dimensional rig floor graphics display with a rig floor displayed in a 3 dimensional virtual world.

Installed on the CS Cyber Drilling and Full-size Well Control simulator adds versatility to the rig floor simulators. Pipe handling has become more and more important in the drilling industry as driller’s adapt to state of the art equipment such as joy stick operation as well as rig operating systems.

Upgrades to CS UltraLight and Super Portable simulators are also an option. CS will replace the 2 dimensional graphics with the new 3 dimensional graphics package.

CS introduces our latest Drilling and Well control simulator equipped with a Joy Stick for pipe handling. CS also offers the traditional hand brake at the customer’s request.

Remote BOP panels have been replaced with the state of the art BOP Touch Screens which allows for greater versatility when the customer wishes to select from multiple BOP configurations.

Included in the latest software release is the 3D Rig Floor display that interacts with the Driller’s commands as an exercise taking place.

Contact CS for more information.


CS Inc. Simulator Advantages

The following is a list of special features and advantages of all CS Inc. Simulators.

  • Simulator reliability is very high as a result of CS’s modern electronic design and extended warranty and service program. CS simulators use the “Single point” electronic system that minimizes electronic components. External to the computer. The modern “single point” system eliminates the need for extensive electronics and circuit boards in each student console. This system does not require multiple computers or power supplies to run the simulator.
  • The simulator model considers formation influx as multiphase and there is no practical limit to the number of kicks in the well. The model is not a “single bubble” and the treatment of each kick includes dynamic changes of migration, expansion and mixing, etc. Oil and water based fluids can be simulated.
  • The simulator software is configured to run on a stand-alone basis on separate computers. The license is included in the purchase of all simulators.
  • PC based simulator control with current windows operating system (Windows 7 Pro®)
  • The simulator proposal includes CS’s software for Drilling, Production, and Workover Well Control, and Drilling Practices.
  • Software warranty includes updates. This provides the benefit of new model developments at no additional costs. The software license goes with the simulator and there is no restriction in case of a change in simulator ownership. Ongoing development of CS software to be passed on to client at no charge during warranty period.
  • There are no mandatory annual license or maintenance fees.
  • CS has an extensive customer base and can be submitted upon customer’s request.
  • CS can and will provide at any time, drawings of all standard equipment at customer’s (or potential customer’s) request. All analog gauges, either pressure, volume or torque will be furnished with standard oilfield dual scales or can be manufactured at Client’s custom specifications.
  • Best Graphical /Audio /video interface for students and instructors with *3D Graphics*. * Fullsize for topdrive and Cyber Simulator only
  • Lifetime instructor training provided at no cost in Albuquerque – can be used consecutively.
  • Excellent technical support via phone, email and fax service provide at no charge – lifetime. You are never alone with CS (Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm MST).
  • CS Inc. built the world’s first well control simulator (1966). CS has seen many changes and is still here, stronger than ever. Our experienced staff have a long history working together and we will continue our commitments towards the energy industry as long as it is necessary to train personnel in a safe and responsible manner.


Due to the complexity of CS software and possible exercise programming configurations, this list is not by any means complete and within lies a multitude of other capabilities that can be performed depending on instructor knowledge and proficiency of the simulator.

Well Control

  • Shallow Wells
  • Deep wells (to 30,000 feet)
  • Synthetic and oil based drilling fluids
  • Driller’s Method
  • Wait and Weight Method
  • Concurrent Method
  • Volumetric Method
  • Stripping in or out of the well
  • Combined stripping and volumetric procedure
  • Bullheading
  • Lubricate and bleed production tubing or casing
  • Forward and reverse Workover well kill
  • Subsea
    • Cleaning the riser
    • Reversing down the choke lines
    • Long choke line
    • Deep water (to 12,000 feet)
    • Stack cleaning
  • Diverting at surface
  • Pumping heavy mud down the annulus
  • Inside BOP
  • Shallow gas
  • Salt water / gas/ oil kicks from 1 or 2 zones
  • Migration
  • Partial lost circulation from 1 or 2 zones
  • Fracture in 1 or 2 zones
  • Gas cut mud

Leak-off Test

  • Any method can be used
  • Can set leak-off pressure and fracture pressure
  • Use graphics plot to plot curve
  • Can set depth of loss zone

Drilling Ahead

  • Select formation layers
  • Variable formation thickness pressure and hardness
  • ROP will respond to formation layer characteristics
  • Drilling problems including pipe sticking and washouts
  • Tripping and stripping
  • Making connections (Limited on UL and SP)
  • Hole fill up
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