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About Us

Our founder, Mr. Bill Butler, built the world's first well control training simulator in 1966. Through the years of development and innovation, he has responded to the drilling industries' needs and suggestions. With assistance from major drilling contractors and operating companies, the CS analytical model has been advanced and improved to reflect changing industry practices and standards. Recent improvements suggested by Unocal, University of Houston, Victoria, The University of Alaska, and Penn State University have enabled the downhole model to simulate and reflect well control and drilling events with remarkable accuracy and dependability.

CS Inc., The Simulator Company, is a full service company consisting of a team of design, software and installation engineers working together with our customers to provide optimal performance simulators. CSs modern single point I/O and multiphase well model is used throughout the entire line of simulators, providing greater reliability and less electronic components. CS provides free lifetime technical support via phone, fax, email and training at our Albuquerque facility. CS simulators cover a wide range of capabilities, including Well Control, Drilling Practices, Workover, Production, Advanced Drilling Operations and Cyber Drilling simulation.

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Best Well Control Model!
  • Best multiphase model

  • Multiphase kicks can be gas, oil, water, or combination

  • Gas & fluid mixing

  • Best gas through choke response

  • Realistic migration and expansion

  • IADC WellCAP and IWCF Certified

Well Control Model

CS Simulators built in steel or aluminum are known for:
  • Best overall reliability in the industry

  • Easy maintenance

  • High Flexibility

  • Superb realism

  • Easy instructor operation

  • Most realistic down-hole model

  • The best support in the world

  • Single point I/O

  • Self testing equipment

  • Software calibration
CS Simulators
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